Interactive Reporting

The web provides a wealth of opportunities
to tell your story. As digital strategists we know how
to use them effectively. Let us tell yours!

Are you creating your Annual Report or an important Corporate Document?

WeDoneGood can help you

· Do you know your shareholders?
· Do they know you?
· Are you targeting your audience?
· Are you guessing what people want to know?
· Are you wasting money to look impressive?
· Engage your audience
· Promote the relevant
· Be interactive
· Reference golden sources
· Request feedback
· Real time updates

With WeDoneGood we can

  • Create an interactive report from an established printed pdf
  • Design and create your annual report in print and digital
  • Choose the best format, images and design according to your brand and values
  • Print, produce and publish your report in all formats
  • Deliver traffic to your site
  • Work with you long term to engage your shareholders

System Features

Interactive java charts

Display your data in an interactive chart allowing your users to decide which information is relevant to them. Hide and view figures, change from pie to line graph and compare historical figures.

Real-time feeds

Integrate data from real-time feeds into your report such as share data or realtime statistics.

Section downloads

Reports are traditionally vast with large amounts of information. Allow your readers to select what parts they want and download only the information they want.

Video handling

Address your audience directly with a streaming video directly from source or via popular streaming sites such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Interactive Map

Bring global reach to your report. Bring sources from many countries into one.

Scrollable custom timeline

Bring the highlights of your year together with our timeline module – allow users to see events in chronological order.

Glossary of terms & user search

Provide a centralised repository of technical and financial terms. Your business full of acronyms? Explain them all here and in multiple languages.

Image gallery

Images are key to keeping the readers attention and these have multiple uses from news validation, articles to members of the board.

Full real-time reporting & analysis

Ensure your content is relevant with frequent feedback on usages and readership statistics. Avoid simply dropping information online and hoping it reaches its destination – it rarely does.

We employ the best security standards to ensure your content is 100% safe and secure in our hands. We have:

·   Dual authentication – an additional security aspect requiring 2 components.
·   Captcha – prevents bots from accessing the system and hacking it.
·   Symantec SSL certificate protection
·   IP address recognition
·   Sustainable Resilience and Disaster recovery

We start with a friendly usable content management system that allows content to be structured intelligently and placed online in real time.

Our system is designed to be used by someone with basic computer skills.
All content is form based so design, style and colour is controlled centrally
meaning anything you add will automatically look like it was meant to be there.

Our reporting engine is built on custom developed metrics, audit logs and the industry leading google analytics system allowing us to record and report on all reader activity. Our system services include:

·   Full analytics, recording and monitoring with monthly reports on reader activity
·   Success and failure audit
·   Realtime alerts according to your requirements
·   Identified trends and recommendations for relevant content
·   Suggestions on how to improve and target your reading audience
·   Content delivery – send traffic from our system to your website