Clarity IR

Intelligent management of your Investor
section from the browser.

Clarity IR - does not require any installation on any server of your company

·   Easy-to-use user panel with key features and available in several languages
·   Investor Relations Section fully integrated into your company’s current website
·   Compliance with the digital standards of Investor Relations and guarantee of good practices
·   Interactive graphics that are easy to edit from the user panel
·   Scalable and with ample possibility of personalization and creation of additional functionalities upon request
·   High security standards and permanent technical support

Real time Financial Information

ClarityIR provides fast connectivity to the stock markets to present real-time data to investors. Financial data that is not kept or stored, but is passed along to the end user as quickly as it is gathered.

Thanks to ClarityIR's simplicity, companies can focus time and effort bringing updated and key information to shareholders.

·   Key Figures module is where you can view, create and edit all the interactive charts and graphs
·   Stock Data module allows you to get an overview of real time stock financial data and switch on and off published information in one click.
·   Organize the way your online documentation is displayed and create group of files by language or topic at Documentation module