Welcome to WeDoneGood!

We are a “digital first” agency specialising
in connecting corporate entities with their shareholders and clients.
We engage and connect, create digital experiences, interactions
and content that’s intelligent, targeted and honest.

What we do

We engage and connect, create digital experiences, interactions and content that's intelligent, targeted & honest.

Interactive Annual Report

The web provides a wealth of opportunities to tell your story. As digital strategists we know how to use them effectively.

Visual Design & User Experience

We're happiest when we're making things. All websites and applications are designed around the user and the user experience (UX). It's key to everything we do. If a user cannot use the system or find what they are looking for it's pointless

Communications & Newsletters

Target your reader base with professionally designed relevant newsletters and corporate communications. Fully audited and fully managed.

CMS & Analytics Reports

More than just a website. A tool for building intelligent content, establishing reader activity and identifying trends and preference. Learn from your readers and improve with each update.

Investor tools

WeDoneGood provides a range of interactive market data tools helping to provide in-depth information to investors and analysts. Each tool is custom designed to fit seamlessly with your project.

Social Media, Art & Design

Eye-catching, viral, thoughtful, serious, playful, fun, targeted, clever, etc, etc…

A Lean Green Digital Machine
Clouds shouldn't cost the earth

That's why at WeDoneGood all our cloud based infrastructure and services are 100% green and carbon neutral. All electricity to power and cool the machines comes straight from hydroelectric and hydrothermal sources.


How do we do it?

The magic formula

1. Consulting

Are you looking for a way to present your corporate information online? Good, because that's exactly what we focus on. More than ten years of experience in online reporting makes us experts in creating a suitable concept for your annual and sustainability report. We provide a consulting role to help you adapt your messages for a digital audience.

2. Design

We believe good design meets the style of the client and at the same time offers an intuitive experience. For online reports, the provided information is always the most important, so the content must be easily accessible and well-structured. At the same time, there are no limits to design possibilities and creative ideas, e.g. for the image section of a report.

3. Interactive

The web provides a lot of opportunities to tell your story. As digital strategists we know how to use them for your corporate report. Annual and sustainability reports consist of a unique content mix of image-based storytelling and regulated data-driven facts. With our skills and tools, we transform these into an interactive and engaging user experience.

Talk to WeDoneGood - we specialise in

  • Engaging your audience, put the right information in front of the right people
  • Telling you who wants what where and why
  • Removing the clutter, promoting relevant
  • Detailed reporting and statistic, analysis and consulting
  • Using one source for many formats-PDF, Online, Mobile, App…and print

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